Flip Video Day at West Rutland

Written by Eric Bird

The Flip video introduction was not enough last time I was at West Rutland. We had the netbook deployment, media coverage, and Flip introduction, so the three teachers and all of the students wanted to see more. I can’t blame them, Flips are awesome, and like podcasting, they are a malleable form of technology that can easily be used across the curriculum.

Much like my short break between delivery and classroom coaching at Mettawee, over the past few weeks I have been working with West Rutland on getting a cart and charging station for the netbooks, helping the teachers get speakers, microphones, flashdrives, and Flips, and working out various technical issues that we label “learning experiences.” Working with every school in this project is a different experience, as each district/school has their own tech experts that I must work with and make sure the computers have all filters, software, and network requirements that they require.

But that aside, the students love Flips and we spend a very productive day recording science presentations that they will share with other classes. We then take the group clips and make a movie in Flipshare with titles and sound. After that, we cover some netbook basics and reminders so they can use them competently on their own.


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