Sunderland Elementary!

Written by Eric Bird

Sunderland had netbooks and software delivered before I became involved with the program, and they were currently moving along with technology integration. I had been going back and forth with two teachers from the school, and we finally worked out a day when I could make it in to help with student lessons. By far, the greatest demand was for Flip video training. I like to start with the fun and get the Flips into the students’ hands, then we can move on to the technical side.

The older students used the recording time to review character traits and a plot overview for an upcoming test. Then we used Flipshare to clip them together and add music, which we found would be better removed for a test review. The students were jazzed at jumping into a normally mundane task, and a quick recording turned it into a nice engaging review session.

The younger students told us their favorite thing, which varied from buffaloes to zu zu pets (those fake hamsters that move around quickly), and kept screaming “show the movie” while the video clips were loading. Younger kids are sure a lot of pent up energy and fun, but they don’t have much patience for technology. I think it was good to expose them to the Flips and the Flipshare program in a condensed version, but I shiver at the thought of trying to show a movie maker or conversion program. At the lower grades, most of the technology projects must be teacher-run with close guidance, otherwise the little angels get bored and squirrely. It’s always good to make them chant rule #1 – “Don’t drop the camera!” and rule #2 – “Don’t get the camera wet!” That includes sticking the camera in your mouth kids. Yuck!


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