West Rutland Parent Night Projects

Written by Eric Bird

Three more visits to West Rutland would prove successful and worth the time.

Two classes produced amazing podcast projects, saved them as MP3s to their student flashdrives, and then transferred them to their teacher’s netbook to be used at the upcoming parent night. Because the evening presentations would be in the school gymnasium, it was questionable if they would have dependable internet access to open the podcasts from a webhosting site, so saving them as MP3s was the safest bet. They clearly labeled the sound files so that parents could click on their student’s recording, and even obtained headphones so that speakers wouldn’t disturb the surrounding project environments. Well done!

My ambitious class and teacher created quite the movie project. I won’t go into excessive detail about the process, but there were a lot of headaches, setbacks, and near-tears. We created a movie using Flips, Flipshare, a movie maker program, a podcasting program, a student recording of an original song, stop-motion animation, music, still pictures, text, effects, and transitions. The movie barely made it to the show time, but in the end it was shown twice to parents and students at an open screening in the library with popcorn and laughs all around. I can finally breathe again.


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