WEB 2.0 – Connecting Students and Teachers

Written by Eric Bird

The past month has been alive with the activity of spring. The students are playing outside, the sun is shining, and the educators are nursing headaches. My old principal used to call this time of the year “The X Factor” (no, not the star quality). When the students’ energy is on its way up to a high point in the anticipation of the summer break, and the teachers’ energy is on its way down from a long and dedicated school year, somewhere in the middle the lines meet and the X Factor ensues. Teachers lose their patience and students get in trouble. That said, I haven’t seen the X Factor storm yet at my pilot or support schools, but I see the electricity forming in the student energy. In the last month, I have seen a tremendous rise in Web 2.0 use. Using Google Docs, most of my schools are doing peer editing, teacher communication, and school-wide projects. Even I have felt the push to update and consistently use Web 2.0 applications around the office lately. From Google Docs to Wikis, my schools are not waiting for the future, but are quickly adapting to the wave of now.


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