Netbook Deliveries Have Begun!

Written by Megen Krohn- Northern Trainer, Digital Wish

Eric and Sarah wrap a pallet of netbooks

It was a big week for deliveries here at Digital Wish, and thanks to a great effort from everyone on the Digital Wish team, netbooks and printers have been delivered to eight of the twelve e-Vermont schools.

On Monday, Eric had a massive 75 netbook delivery to Pownal (they ordered an extra class set on top of the netbooks covered by the e-Vermont grant), and on Tuesday Ludlow received their shipment of 52 netbooks, for a two-day total of 127 netbooks delivered! Much time was spent at both warehouses Wednesday and Thursday counting and organizing netbooks and printers in preparation for a big day of Northern deliveries on Friday.

Everyone at Digital Wish put their heads together in an effort to come up with the most efficient way to deliver 258 netbooks, printers, USB cables, and extra ink cartridges to six schools across Northern Vermont in one day.

The truck at United Christian Academy in Newport

If we hired a shipping company, it would have cost $400 per school to deliver the netbook packages. In the end, we decided to rent a 26ft. truck and make the deliveries ourselves. I’m glad to say, I was not responsible for driving it.

On the morning of Friday, November 12, Eric left Manchester with a fully packed truck at 5:00 am in order to arrive at Bristol Elementary, the first of six schools set to receive their netbooks that day, at 7:00 am. Bristol was ready with five helpers to quickly unload the netbooks and printers and had Eric out of the parking lot before the students and parents arrived. Following Bristol, Eric continued North to Middlesex (Rumney Memorial School), and unloaded right after chaos of the morning student drop off. After that delivery, Eric picked me up in Burlington, and we continued to Grand Isle (Folsom Educational and Community Center), Newport (United Christian Academy), Brighton, and finally, Canaan. I am happy to say that all the netbooks were delivered successfully and Eric didn’t so much as hit a curb in the huge truck he was tasked with driving all day.

I get ready to unload some printers

At a few of the schools, the students who would be receiving the netbooks were able to come out to the truck and help us unload. Their excitement was palpable, and many hands made light work in those cases. Seeing the kid’s energy and enthusiasm was a real treat and I know it helped sustain Eric and I over the course of the day.

Now the netbooks are in the hands of the school tech people who are busy getting them school ready. Once the computers are ready, Eric and I will begin the weekly training sessions. I have to say, after seeing the kids so excited to have a computer in a box, I can’t imagine how excited they will be to have it sitting open on their desks!

Friday Totals:

Hours on the road: 19

Miles Covered: 554

Netbooks Delivered: 258

Netbooks delivered to date: 385


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