Global Prep

Persuading Funders to Support Your Technology Program

Part 3: College & Global Prep

–By Heather Chirtea and Eric Bird

Series blog –  3 of 6


College preparation is vital to a students success, and it lowers the freshman college dropout rate. Also, success in college means students then go on to be competent global leaders who are technology innovators.

Argument 3: College Preparation – Students need 21st Century skills to compete and succeed in college.

●      College acceptance and success require proficient technology skills.  According to Deloitte LLP, only 22% of high school students feel schools have done an “excellent” job preparing them for college.

●      Inadequate training.  Companies and colleges are spending an estimated $17 billion per year to train recent graduates in the basic skills they should have gained in school.  Students need technological competence to succeed in the competitive workforce and educational environment.

Argument 4: Global Preparation – Students without technology are behind other schools, communities, the nation, and the world.  It’s a moral imperative to change the culture in our communities, so that technology becomes an assumed part of education – and not an optional “elective,” susceptible to budgetary cuts.

●      Schools have an obligation to teach with modern technology – Raise a Moral Question.  In a 2007 survey, 75% of educators classified themselves as “often in need of” or “desperate for” technology resources.  Bob Stevens, the Executive Director of the Vermont Principal’s Association, stated that the lack of technology in the classroom can be likened to “educational malpractice.”  Schools need access to technology so that students can develop the skills they need to thrive.  If you don’t, then your school and community are not fulfilling this moral obligation.

●      We are doing our kids a disservice.  Ignoring progress by not providing the proper technology in education will only be doing our students a disservice.

●      Technology is the core for global workforce development.  If we don’t teach students responsible usage, and provide them with the latest skills and tools, they won’t be able to become productive citizens in the global workforce.  America’s position in the flattened global economy has declined and shortfalls in the technical workforce are hurting American businesses.

In next week’s blog we will be going over how technology helps with student engagement and the new DIY (Do it yourself) movement.


Check out the Research:

This article is based on a national survey of 242 educators and administrators, interviews with 27 technology leaders, and our own personal experience implementing 1:1 computing programs in 30 schools. For more information check out our research in education technology.


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