Easy Earth Day Activity

2_19_14We have an exciting program to help your school earn money for technology through recycling old electronics. All the materials like press releases, flyers, and email templates are available for your teachers here.

Recycle Forward helps educators get new technology for their classrooms by recycling used electronics and ink cartridges for cash. Just set up a drop box and print flyers. Everyone can participate. We raised $850 for our local school in one afternoon by publicizing the technology drop location in the local papers. Click the links for a comprehensive list of accepted recyclables cellphones, MP3′s, inkjet cartridges,  laser cartridges, and laptops.

Download Template

Download Template

We recommend starting your collection with a highly publicized community drive on a specific date and time frame. After your initial push, make this a year-round program by offering your school as a community drop-off location for recyclable items. Also inspire participation with fun activties for the classroom. Use our tree template and trace our recycle tree using a projector and every child who brings in a piece of old technology gets to put a leaf on the tree.

We can help you and your teachers if you need help getting started. Its very beneficial for your users and it gets the community to work together for a common good. Its a very stress free fundraiser because we have already done all the work necessary except the collection process. If you have any questions please feel free to email your questions at lauren@digitalwish.org.


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