24 Business and Entrepreneurship Courses – Free, just sign up

Manchester, VT – September 12, 2014 – Whether you’re a students, aspiring business owners, or small business, there are 24 free 1-hour courses in the HP Life series covering finance, operations, marketing, communications and social networking, in seven languages. Earn certificates of completion, get advice, and join the global online community of more than 330,000 learners from 200 countries. These 1-hour courses are ideal for after-school clubs, or to support curriculum. In addition, any small business or entrepreneur can get start-up support, simply by signing up.

Sign up here: http://www.life-global.org/go/digitalwish

Print a Flyer: http://www.digitalwish.com/docs/HP_LIFE_flyer_Digital_Wish.pdf

Digital Wish has partnered in the HP LIFE e-Learning Campaign to help spread the word about the HP Life free training courses during this back-to-school season. For each person who signs up at this link, through October 31, HP will donate $1 to Digital Wish to support more free technology programs for schools! Please have students sign up, and circulate to your network.

Contact Us: Amanda Stevens, program coordinator, amanda@digitalwish.org, (802)375-6721.

About Digital Wish

At Digital Wish, teachers make technology wishes, and donors make those wishes come true with contributions, bringing technology to needy classrooms in all 50 states. Since August 2009, Digital Wish has granted over 30,000 classroom technology wishes through its online network of over 62,000 teachers, and delivered over $13 million in technology products to American classrooms directly impacting over 500,000 students. In research, Digital Wish secured over $1.2 million in stimulus funding to put 1:1 computing into 30 towns, reducing the planning time for technology adoption from 18 months to just 4 weeks, and achieving measured gains in student engagement and 21st century skills.


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