Classroom Practicum

Using eBooks in the Classroom

In This Course

This course can be either taken by itself, or as a follow-on course to the eBook Hack-a-Thon.

We’ll give you a quick primer on building an eBook, then it’s time to teach using mobile eBooks. In this course you’ll construct or download an eBook, deliver it to your students through their mobile devices, and use it in a classroom setting. Afterwards, submit a reflection to earn your badge. As an option, you can enter your classroom activity in the nationwide eBook Builder contest to win prizes.  Let’s get started!

Goal – Teach with an eBook in your classroom

Your tasks will include:

  1. Build an ebook and invite students to download it to their mobile devices.
  2. Teach a class, using that eBook as your foundational resource
  3. Reflect on improvements you could make to the lesson.

Watch the Archive

We’ll walk you through the entire process, trough our archived webinars. Click here to see the whole list.

This is a great course for anyone tackling BYOD in the classroom. Now let’s look at each step in isolation.


Step 1 – Build an ebook

Watch a quick video tutorial, then construct your own eBook.  Pick a topic from your curriculum, then drag and link together your source materials, instruction, text and images.  If you need ideas, check out Digital Wish’s huge lesson plan library.

Training Videos: Here’s a great collection of training videos to get you started.

Invite students to projects by email or group code to your marketplace. Watch this video and learn how: Sending Invitations

Step 2 – Teach it in Class

Now it is time for test run of your project.  Teach a class, using your eBook as the primary resource for your students.

Visit the Lesson Plan Library

*Optional* You can write up your lesson plan using Digital Wish’s lesson plan builder.  You can then share it publicly with other educators.  In addition, every lesson plan you enter, qualifies you to win monthly grants.

After teaching your lesson, get feedback from students on their user experience.

Step 3 – Reflect and Improve

After teaching you will likely want to update or expand your eBook based on the student experience.  Submit your reflection to earn your badge.

Follow Up Activity

As an option, you can enter your eBook into Digital Wish’s nationwide contest. Check this link for contest dates and prizes.

Earn the BadgeeBookHack-a-thon

Once you complete the following tasks, you can collect your badge.

  1. Build an ebook
  2. Teach with ebooks
  3. Reflect and improve


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