Activity 1- Build an eBook

In This Activity

Discover how easy it is to build an eBook and deliver it to any mobile tablet or smart phone.  Attend a one-hour webinar and learn how to construct an eBook that combines text, pictures, web links, and videos. eBuilder_Logo_Light_2_new_WPLearn to set up an introductory splash screen, create four different chapters, and add different types of content to each chapter.  You’ll be challenged to build your first eBook, publish it online, and then download it to your mobile device.  Let’s get started!

Request your free eBuilder account, and visit our Getting Started page

Learning Objective

  • Employ basic computer skills to learn how to construct media-rich eBook content that can be delivered to mobile smartphones and tablets.

Your Task

Construct a “scrap” eBook that has at least 4 chapters, uses every type of content then publish it to a mobile marketplace.

Training Videos

Here’s a great collection of training videos to get you started.

Check out the sidebar for more videos.

 Watch the Archive

4_17_14ebuilderLearn to login, create a book, build a cover page, add 4 chapters, learn to use every type of content (text, outline, header, quiz, image, video, and link), and publish your project. Click the image to watch the archived version.

Build Your First eBook

Now try building an ebook. Work in teams for added support.


eBookHack-a-thonEarn the Badge

1) Set up eBook with at least 4 chapters.
2) Add each type of content

  • Text field
  • Outline
  • Header
  • Quiz
  • Image
  • Video/Links

3) Post a project in the shared marketplace

Submit your reflection when you finish to earn your badge.


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