Activity 4- Manage Your Marketplace

In This Activity

Explore all the basics of publishing and managing your eBook marketplace. eBuilder_Logo_Light_2_new_WPYou’ll learn how to send invitations to students, co-writers, and other administrators who will share your marketplace. Curate eBooks posted by other participants and get a primer on searching and subscribing to other marketplaces. Finally, you’ll learn about the grading and reporting features that will be useful in assessments and tracking.

Your Task

Learn to manage an eBook marketplace. Send invitations to readers, co-writers and administrators, explore grading and reporting, search and subscribe to other marketplaces.

Training Videos

Watch these quick videos to get started.

Check our video sidebar for great training videos.

Watch the Archive

Learn about eBook marketplace management and watch the archived webinar, click the image to the right.


Send Invitations

With your final eBook posted, it’s time to invite students or co-workers to read your eBook.


Earn the Badge

  • Working marketplace has at least one eBook posted.
  • Send invitations to at least one reader, writer, or administrator.
  • Submit your reflection.

Now create a project for your class, here are some ideas to get you started.