Activity 2- Outline and Planning

In This Activity

Explore practical planning strategies for developing an eBook.eBuilder_Logo_Light_2_new_WP You should come prepared with a topic taken directly from your upcoming curriculum. Together we’ll review the types of sources supported by the eBook tools, and target the most appropriate types of media and source documents to include. If you love paper, we’ve crafted a series of planning worksheets that help to map out the best outline structure for chapters and subtopics. Then you’ll move to the computer and utilize your creativity as you set up the chapter outline for your final eBook project. Use the eBuilder’s outline tool to craft a skeleton structure for each chapter. Finally, get a primer on copyright for music, video, graphics, and text. Leave prepared to safely gather copyright–free content to include in the final eBook project.

Learning Objective

  •  Review copyright ethics and resources for obtaining copyright–free media.
  •  Utilize creativity skills to select an eBook topic and develop a content outline for the eBook.

Your Task

Pick a topic, develop an outline, and set up your eBook chapter names.

Watch the Archive

4_17_14outlineWatch the archived webinar to learn about creating chapters, outlining strategies, planning out media sources, and get a quick primer on copyright rules. Click the image to the right.

Construct Your Outline

Watch these quick videos to get started.

Pick Your Strategy

Select from the following three strategies to develop your outline.

1. Write it up! It may be easiest just to write up your outline in a standard word processor. Google DOCs is great for collaborative team planning.

2. Use the eBook Tool – Watch the training videos above and develop your outline directly in the eBook tool. Create your chapters and use the outline tool to add subtopics. You can even add headers and start mapping out the sub-structure of each chapter, directly in the tool. Don’t forget, you can drag any content to rearrange the order of your chapter content.

3. Print the Planning Worksheets – If you’re a paper-planner, use this great collection of printable-ready planning worksheets to outline your eBook. Just print the ones you need

Brainstorming  Flowchart          Chapter Flowchart          Organize Supporting Topics                      

bigflowteach         chapterflow          motiveboxesteachers3

           pdf    PPT                                pdf    PPT                               pdf    PPT

       Research Idea                    Brainstorm Sections                  Planning your eBook

ebookbrainstormingteachers1         ebookplanningkids           bits

pdf    PPT                               pdf    PPT                                   pdf    PPT

  Summary of Chapters                Sources List                       

chapterdescription         sourcelistkids1

pdf    PPT                             pdf   PPT1


Helpful Resources

Guide to Copyrights:  Only YOU are responsible for adherence to copyright rules.

copright1 Print out this great chart for a quick primer on copyright clearance.

Here are some great sites that will teach you more.


      pdf    PPT


    Copyright Rules                 Copyright Diagram              Copyright-free Sources

copright2       copyright3            copyright4

            pdf    PPT                             pdf    PPT                              pdf    PPT

 Earn the BadgeeBookHack-a-thon

1. Pick your topic
2. Develop an outline
3. Create and name eBook chapters


Submit a reflection when you finish to earn your badge.

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