Classroom Projects

Get a slew of classroom project ideas to conduct with students.

Lesson Plan 1

Give your students the eBook Flowchart Worksheet, so they can explore the issues that relate to their eBook topic.

bigflowteach     pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 2

Give your students another eBook Flowchart Worksheet, which prompts them to choose a chapter topic and break down the chapter into sub-topics.

chapterflow    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 3

Give your students Mapping Motives Worksheet, so they can breakdown their topic into sub-topics.

motiveboxesteachers3    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 4

Give your students the Sources List Worksheet, so they can record where they get all of their information for their eBooks.

sourcelistkids1    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 5

Give your students the eBook Planning Worksheet, so they can start to research different sections of the eBooks.

ebookbrainstormingteachers1    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 6

Give your students the Historical Timeline worksheet, in order, to make an eBook based on a historical event.

timeline    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 7

Give your students the Autobiography Worksheet, in order, to encourage them to make an eBook about themselves. Have your students collect family pictures for their eBooks.

autobiographykids1    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 8

Incorporate the community and have your students complete the Mapping a Local Issue Worksheet.

ebookbrainstormingteachers1    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 9

Give your students the Bird Worksheet and encourage your students to make an eBook on a bird they saw. Have them research facts about the bird.

autobiographykids1    pdf    PPT

Lesson Plan 10

Teach your students about progressive story telling by giving them the chance to make a fictional eBook.

fictionteachersexplan1            fictionwkkids1

      pdf    PPT                              pdf    PPT

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