Welcome to the eBook Hack-a-thon Webinars

Activity 1 – Build an eBook in eBuilder

Discover how easy it is to build an eBook and deliver it to any mobile tablet or smart phone. Watch our one-hour archived webinar and learn how to construct an eBook that combines text, pictures, web links, and videos.  Learn to set up an introductory splash screen, create four different chapters, and add different types of content to each chapter. You’ll be challenged to build your first eBook, publish it online, and then download it to your mobile device.

Be sure to sign up your free teacher eBuilder account from Digital Wish.  Click here.

Activity 2 – Outline and Planing

Explore practical planning strategies for developing an eBook. You should come prepared with a topic taken directly from your upcoming curriculum. Together we’ll review the types of sources supported by the eBook tools, and target the most appropriate types of media and source documents to include. If you love paper, we’ve crafted a series of planning worksheets that help to map out the best outline structure for chapters and subtopics. Then you’ll move to the computer and utilize your creativity as you set up the chapter outline for your final eBook project. Use the eBuilder’s outline tool to craft a skeleton structure for each chapter. Finally, get a primer on copyright for music, video, graphics, and text. Leave prepared to safely gather copyright–free content to include in the final eBook project.

Activity 3 & 4 – Collect Content and Construct, Manage Your Marketplace

In this self-paced activity, you will gather all the resources necessary to populate your final eBook project. First, you’ll review the video on how to craft your eBook. Then it’s time to collect and assemble curriculum resources into a published eBook project. Gather source material, web links, and art assets. Watch the archived webinar to help with trouble-shooting, or review any of the refresher videos on adding content and publishing your eBook.

Classroom Projects and Q&A

We will share some ideas to get you started and answer all your questions

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