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Poster Contest: Be a Good Digital Citizen!

cyberbullyingIt’s easy to run a poster contest at your school.  Have the students design a poster that describes how to be a good digital citizen on the internet, think up a great slogan, and use your creativity, award a prize for the best poster.

Download the starter kit



The kit includes:

  • Poster contest guidelines
  • Publishing release form
  • Award Certificate

Assign Topics

Invite your students to make a poster about any of these topics, or come up with your own idea.

  • Responsible internet usage.
  • Internet safety.
  • Follow copyright rules.
  • Check sources of information.
  • Discourage cyber bullying.
  • It’s OK to report bad behavior.
  • Students should use computers in common areas at home.
  • If you have to hide what you’re doing from an adult, you probably shouldn’t be doing it!
  • Never pretending to be someone you are not, online.

Set up Ground Rules

here are some suggestions:

  • Use original or copyright free artwork.
  • Use appropriate language and art.

Judging Criteria

  • Demonstrate any aspect of “What it Means to Be a Good Digital Citizen.
  • Show a lot of creativity.

Pick a Winner

Create a student judging panel and award a prize to the winner


Come up with your own digital themed prizes!

Examples of Previous Winners

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