Deployment Plan

Phases of Deployment

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We implemented 1:1 computing programs in 30 schools.  Here’s a good estimate of the phases.  Be AwareIf you are starting from scratch, reinventing the wheel, or operating without an experienced consultant – your planning cycle will take much longer.  A consultant will pay for themselves. Don’t “go it alone”!  If you haven’t done program deployments before, you will make a slew of mistakes.  There are just so many decision points in the process, that there’s no way you can get them all correct the first time through.  If you need help, please contact Digital Wish. On staff, we have some of the most experienced experts in the country for deploying 1:1 programs.  Call us at 802-375-6721 ext. 222 and talk to Gordon Woodrow if you want to book a consultant.  Email Gordon at  We’re a non-profit, so we’re on your side!

Planning (1-3 months)

  • Contact with community leaders, superintendents, tech coordinators, and principals
  • Classroom selection and teacher contact
  • Technical evaluation of each school with site visit and administrator/teacher meetings
  • Technical upgrades
  • School AUP evaluation
  • Final equipment count and extra units needs/payment

Deployment (1 month)

  • Order Computers
  • Delivery
  • Server set-up at schools with tech coordinators
  • Teacher Prep
  • Poster Contest
  • Deployment Day

Classroom Trainings (7 months, 1 unit/month)

  • Monthly curriculum units are designed to the NETS standards
  • School-to-Home connection with parent night and presentation

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