Build eBooks for any Mobile Device – Build Once, Learn Anywhere

There are 3 webinars on eBook building.  You can take them as part of the eBook course or watch them independently.

Build an eBook

Use drag-and-drop skills to build curriculum that can be downloaded to any mobile device.  For more information click here.

Outline and Planning

Explore practical planning strategies for developing an eBook.  For more information click here.

Collect & Construct, Manage Your Marketplace

Gather all the resources necessary to populate your final eBook project.  Curate eBooks posted by other participants and get a primer on searching and subscribing to other marketplaces. For more information click here.

Fundraise for Technology

Creative Funding for Technology

Digital Wish has provided lots of resources for you to use at no cost.  Find out more click here.

How to WIN Grants!

Here is a sneak peek into Digital Wish’s bag of tricks to win funding.  For more information click here.

Technology Leadership

Digital Citizenship

Get an overview of the issues and topics to teach in a digital citizenship course.  Review the Curriculum that raised understanding from 26% to 96% in just three class periods. For more information click here.

Sustainability – How to Craft a Sustainable Technology Program

Get an easy-to-follow action plan that will help your school to develop sustainable funding for your technology initiative.  For more information click here.

How to Argue for Technology

Learn how to make a financial justification for technology.  For more information click here.

Leadership as a Driving Force in Technology Adoption

We’ll share the importance of having a strong leader for your 1:1 program.  For more information click here.

1:1 Computing

1:1 Vision, Planning, and the Paradigm Shift for Classroom Technology

Learn strategies for successful implementation of technology in the classroom.  For more information click here.

1:1 Curriculum:  Classroom Integration with Lessons, Units, and Online Tools

Learn how to use new Technology to enhance existing curriculum.  For more information click here.

1:1 Implementation:  Building a Program From the Ground Up

Learn how to replicate success and avoid common mistakes.   For more information click here.

1:1 Lessons From the Trenches

Developing a 1:1 program from scratch is a huge challenge.  We’ll share the successes and lessons from our journey across 30 school deployments .  For more information click here.

Photography Training for Schools

Learn the basics of good photography whether you have a conventional digital camera or mobile device. We’ll provide guidelines for hands-on digital photography practice. For more information click here.

How to power Education with Technology– Free Programs from Digital Wish

Come and get a fast-paced primer on the most popular free programs from Digital Wish. We’ll cover: technology donations, the free lesson plan library, grants, making your digital wish list, fundraising tools, Recycle Forward, teacher-only discounts, and free training. For more information click here.