Photography Training for Schools


Photography Training for Schools

SwimBetterCropWelcome, our goal is to introduce you to digital cameras, take a tour of various camera features, and provide guidelines for hands-on digital photography practice. You’ll learn how to quickly download your images to the computer, and then edit and enhance them using everyday software.

Really, it’s Easy

olympus back4_17_14photographyDigital photography has many advantages over traditional photography. Your new camera will let you view images as you shoot them, and then decide whether to save or delete each one. Sharing photographs with friends and family is incredibly easy and fun with this technology. Integrating digital images into presentations, projects, greeting cards, documents, flyers, and much more is a snap! You’ll be empowered to create all sorts of projects across the curriculum.

Things to Consider

Tree2-400Learn about the shutter lag, sports shooting, rule of thirds, leading lines, and foreground interest.

We’ll wrap up by showing you a fast tool for building your yearbook online, and share how other schools generated profits from their yearbook club.  Every attendee gets an 80-slide presentation to support your photography or yearbook club!

Then we’ll share a photo contest that teachers and students can enter.

Speaker Bio

Heather Chirtea
Executive Director/Founder, Board President

HeatherProfilePicHeather Chirtea is Digital Wish’s founder and Executive Director. Previously, as the longstanding president of Tool Factory, an educational software publisher, Heather traveled widely throughout the United States to conduct over 400 lively seminars on classroom technology integration each year.  With a dual B.S. in communications and operations management (statistics) from Syracuse University, Heather has co-authored five books on classroom technology; designed more than 60 hands-on technology seminars for educators; launched online services for classroom clip art, worksheets, lesson plans, and formative testing and assessment; and written over 5,000 standards-based test questions. She serves on the board of directors for VITA-Learn (VT) and New England ISTE technology associations.  Digital Wish has granted over 13 million dollars in technology to American schools.


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