Webinar – How to Craft a Sustainable Technology Program

SustainabilityDigital Wish’s year-long study on sustaining technology programs revealed that the most successful schools develop multiple sources of revenue, they trigger strong community engagement, and they prioritize daily support and training for teachers. We’ll provide an easy-to-follow action plan that will help your school to develop sustainable funding for your technology initiative.

Re-Budgeting, Fundraising, Grants, and PD

ParticipantsMost schools don’t realize that funding for technology may be hiding right in your existing budget.  With some clever restructuring, schools can often free up funds to implement a technology initiative. We’ll share some extremely clever strategies gathered from across the 30 schools enrolled in the Digital Wish program.

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Speaker Bio

Heather Chirtea
Executive Director/Founder, Board President

HeatherProfilePicHeather Chirtea is Digital Wish’s founder and Executive Director. Previously, as the longstanding president of Tool Factory, an educational software publisher, Heather traveled widely throughout the United States to conduct over 400 lively seminars on classroom technology integration each year.  With a dual B.S. in communications and operations management (statistics) from Syracuse University, Heather has co-authored five books on classroom technology; designed more than 60 hands-on technology seminars for educators; launched online services for classroom clip art, worksheets, lesson plans, and formative testing and assessment; and written over 5,000 standards-based test questions. She serves on the board of directors for VITA-Learn (VT) and New England ISTE technology associations.  Digital Wish has granted over 13 million dollars in technology to American schools.

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