Get your FREE* Mobile Beacon Hotspot

Order one, five or ten* 4G LTE mobile hotspots(s) here with Mobile Beacon’s unlimited service for $10/month!

Start a Lending Pool

Order five or ten* hotspots for your school and set up a lending program. You can check them out just like library books.

  • Send them home with students for homework.
  • Send them to conferences with teachers and save on internet fees.
  • Support clubs with remote internet access from anywhere there’s 4G coverage.

Setting up a Lending Pool

  1. Check for Mobile Beacon service coverage in your school’s district here.
  2. First, order only one hotspot donation to test in neighborhoods where your students live to ensure students will have service at their homes. If you have adequate coverage you can go back and order a five or ten hotspot bundle.
  3. Determine how many hotspots you’ll need for your Lending Pool.   If the number exceeds 11 devices, contact us to apply for a quantity extension. You can email or call us at (866) 344-7758.
  4. Set up use rules and user agreements for the responsible use of the devices at home.
  5. Order the quantity you need. You will also have to order Mobile Beacon service plans at $10/month for each device on Mobile Beacon’s website.
  6. Set up content filtering for safe use and CIPA compliance (See FAQ for more details). You can set up the hotspots to have the same content filtering as you have at school.

Examples of Hotspot Uses in EducationOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Learn how other members are using the hotspots at their schools and how they have helped:

  • Get consistent internet access in classrooms when the school’s internet service is too slow.
  • Bring it home and have access to Google Classroom and other virtual tools.
  • Virtual school teachers and students can have internet access anywhere.
  • Traveling educators get access to online files for documenting work securely.
  • Student athletes can get homework done while traveling on buses or waiting for their games to start.
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi access fees when traveling to conferences, hotels and at airports.
  • Video stream school events for friends and family to watch.
  • Strengthen 1:1 computing programs by providing cost effective mobile internet at home and away from school.
  • Set up web conferences with guest speakers for your classroom students.
  • Create a lending pool of hotspots for students to use at home to improve internet access equity for all students.


For Classrooms: “The Mobile Beacon hotspots have been a huge help in my classroom. The internet at my school is not very stable and drops often. Using these hotspots, I am able to get my students back onto the internet quickly in case the internet drops! I have been even able to use this for after-school work sessions in different areas when helping students who are behind in their studies to catch up! This is an amazing resource in my class that is helping many students.”   –Robert Gallant, Apollo ElementaryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“The Mobile Beacon devices saved us! Until last year, only the main buildings of the school had internet access, even for teachers. But we had teachers and classrooms outside in the portables. Before the devices, teachers had to come into the school on their free time to enter attendance and grades on the computer. With the Mobile Beacon devices, all teachers were able to use the technology straight from their own classrooms even if they were in the portables.” -Dr. Suzanne Banas, NBCT, South Miami Community Middle School

As Loaners: “We have loaned them out to families who are struggling financially so that they can have internet service until they get back on their feet. As a virtual school, internet service is a requirement for our students. We have used them for Professional Development Meetings…student outings…and in-person support for families. Thank you for helping make this service available.” — Courtney Love, Insight School

For Teachers:

“As an itinerant (traveling) teacher, I have to access the internet while I’m out and about and it helps me to have a source other than my personal phone (with limited data) to do this. I also plan to use it with my students when we are out in the community, so they can access the internet on mobile devices. Thank you for the opportunity to access the internet at an affordable rate” –Julie H., Specialized Services

For Homework:

“I have one student who cannot get to the library to prepare for his Science Fair project that is coming up. I have sent it home with him multiple times for him to work. Apparently, on nights I send it home, his brothers and sisters use it to go to different study websites too! It is a great resource!” –Robert Gallant, Apollo Elementary

“We’ve had great success with the hotspots since making them available for students to check out starting in November! I cannot even begin to relay how very important access to the internet at home has been for so many of our students. Such a large portion of our population lives in very rural areas, and the only internet available is through cell phone companies like Sprint and Verizon. As you know, most households are restricted by data plans when using their cell service for internet, so many students have restricted or limited access at home because of cost (many more have no internet whatsoever). My family and I actually have this problem ourselves! Our internet is limited to our cell phone data plan, so we have to carefully monitor our use; so, I know exactly where many of my students are coming from!

We have so many students using/requesting hotspots that I continually have holds on them! I originally started out with 1-week check out periods, but due to high demand, the loan period is now 2 days so more students can use them each week. While this places more on me to keep up with due dates, holds, reminders, etc., I am so pleased to see our students benefiting. Students no longer have to worry about how to complete research, access online assignments, arrange transportation to stay after school to use computers, etc. now that they can take the Internet home. I’ve also had several parents express how pleased they were with the hotspots, as it has eliminated homework stress at home and concern over data overages! One student told me that her mother said the best Christmas present this year was being able to have Internet access at home.” –Jennifer Sills, Snow Hill High School

For Athletes:mentoring 2

“The student athletes travel to and from all games on a bus and have a lot of idle time, however with the addition for the hotspot student athlete have access to Internet which allows them complete their homework and research for classes. Our athletes are so thankful for the internet access during the travel to and from their games…this program started as a tool to help students do homework as they travel to sports events. Now it’s blossomed to helping reduce costs for teachers going to conferences, hospitalized students and those impoverished.” — Derrick Marsh, A.D. Henderson School


Get program details here, or check out the FAQ.

*Admin fee(s) applies

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